Digital Marketing

Digital marketing

We suggest that designing & getting a website developed doesn’t ensure your success or online presence unless you market it. Marketing these days is a tough job especially when it comes to digital marketing as you don’t know who is visiting your portal, what is his requirement etc.

Digital marketing requires a planned, strategic and analytical approach discovering opportunities & potential customers at each and every level. It is also important to understand where not to market.

At Clicks and Likes, we make a study of your business model, identify it’s vertical & horizontal affiliates, customers, audiences, influencers, competitors etc. Our strategies are based on your business goals & we take pride in your success.

We market, create brand image, build community, bring customers, manage & generate reports of your portals or apps digitally by

  • SEO : On-page, Off-page
  • Social Media Marketing : FB, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn
  • Search Engine marketing : Google AdWords, Google AdSense
  • Google Analytics, KISSmetrics, Omniture etc.
  • Google Webmaster tools, Bing Webmaster tools etc.
  • Blogging or microsite.

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