December 6, 2023

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Are Russians equipped to get any authentic news about what is heading in Ukraine? : NPR

Journalist and diplomatic analyst Lawrence Sheets speaks to NPR’s Steve Inskeep about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s disinformation marketing campaign in opposition to Ukraine, and his crackdown on Russian media.


We have two visions of the war in Ukraine. There is certainly the truth of Russia’s invasion and the graphic forged on Russian Tv set. Our former NPR colleague Lawrence Sheets has a vision of both. He is in Ukraine now, and he is a Russian speaker who has been viewing a Russian point out Television broadcast that gives some insights into what may perhaps be happening in the Kremlin. Lawrence, welcome back again.

LAWRENCE SHEETS: Hi there, Steve. Great to talk all over again.

INSKEEP: Where by are you, and what is it like there?

SHEETS: I am near the middle of Odesa, Ukraine, which is Ukraine’s main port. Seventy p.c of the trade for Ukraine will come as a result of this port. It truly is closed at the moment. I am sitting down future to a bomb shelter, which is sandbagged, not far too significantly from the port region. This morning, there have been a great deal of elderly individuals exhibiting up asking about provisions in the bomb shelter. 1st time I’ve found that, despite the fact that I’ve been listed here for six times – most likely as a end result of a major bombing. We listened to a bomb go off this morning, air raid sirens. The Ukraine Defense Ministry reporting that they shot down 4 Russian drones around the area, in excess of the heart of the metropolis, about the district.

INSKEEP: So that’s the truth there in Odesa, a port city the place individuals have feared a Russian waterborne invasion. That has not occurred, but you will find a degree of violence. At the very same time that you’re there, Lawrence, you’ve been watching a Russian Television set application that won’t probably explain to you everything reliable about Ukraine, but you say that it provides you clues about Vladimir Putin. What is the plan?

SHEETS: The method is referred to as “Vremya,” which in Russian suggests time. It truly is been on given that 1956. It will come on religiously at 2100, 9 p.m. nearby. It is been obligatory – all through the Soviet time period, it truly is compulsory watching for all great Soviet citizens. And it’s develop into far more and extra absurdist as the times go on. But it truly is some of the factors which are getting stated, specially past night time – I watched it, and the lead story was about Hunter Biden. And the allegation was that Hunter Biden, of training course, had sat on a Ukrainian fuel business board. And the allegation was that Hunter Biden – and I will quote this – “aside from spending his time snorting cocaine, was functioning, actually, a organic weapons plan in Ukraine for the U.S. federal government beneath the cover of the Pentagon, with the participation of people today like George Soros.”

INSKEEP: Wow. This is tying all of the conspiracy theories collectively into 1 unified conspiracy theory.

SHEETS: Yeah, it receives wild as you go alongside.

INSKEEP: Alright, so this is clearly not reputable facts about what is actually likely on in Ukraine. In fact, you have famous, when they communicate about individuals fleeing Mariupol, they counsel that the Ukrainians on their own have been destroying their individual town. But does the evolution of the system tell you everything about Kremlin pondering and specially Vladimir Putin’s considering? For example, have his plans in Ukraine modified around time?

SHEETS: It tells you a large amount for the reason that the plans have shifted. If the aims prior to were de-Nazification, which is nonetheless utilized through the program, now it can be continuously the liberation of what they call the Donetsk, which is a location of Ukraine, People’s Republic as Russia refers to it, the Lugansk People’s Republic as Russia refers to it, and Crimea. And this would seem to be the Russian – at face price, the demand that Ukraine realize these locations – Crimea as aspect of Russia, which was annexed in 2014, the other two as unbiased entities. So the intention posts have shifted. You will find no problem about that. And it is notable for what it does not demonstrate. It doesn’t clearly show the protection minister, Sergei Shoigu, who I know individually, and he has not been revealed for – we are going on Working day 13 now. Now, working day – two weeks, he has not been noticed, in which I made use of to see him daily.

INSKEEP: Now, I know that there was just one – there was at minimum a single picture exactly where he did present up on Tv the other working day, immediately after his standard absence was observed. But I’m fascinated in what you happen to be telling me there, Lawrence, about Crimea and about the Donbas. Is this what you’re saying? In the early days of the war, this channel that demonstrates Putin’s check out talked about Russia immediately getting in excess of the whole state, obviously on its way to using around Kyiv, but now they have retreated to the idea that they want Ukraine to understand the components of Ukraine that they’d currently stolen. Is that suitable?

SHEETS: Definitely. And in actuality, this is remaining mentioned officially by Kremlin officers, like the chief Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, who had – has mentioned this demand extremely forcefully. So this seems to be not just a random conversing position it appears to be what the Russians are placing on the table. You discuss to folks in this article in, for occasion, Odesa, and they say that’s off the desk mainly because far too several people have died, and also a lot blood has been drop. You referred to Mariupol, the Ukrainians bombing by themselves and all these matters – I imply, this is a little something that the Russians said in Chechnya and other areas, that the Chechens ended up bombing them selves, even though they did not have any planes.

INSKEEP: Lawrence, many thanks for the insights. Really appreciate it.

SHEETS: Enjoy it, Steve.

INSKEEP: Lawrence Sheets is a longtime Kremlin watcher and former NPR correspondent. He heads the consulting team Eurasian Global Analytics, and he’s presently in Odesa, Ukraine.

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