September 27, 2023

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It is Songs for Chickens | The Cornell Day-to-day Solar

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Some indie music is manufactured in bedrooms, but Tall Travis’s new EP Hen Music is designed for a barn. On Jan. 5, the Vermont-based mostly band introduced their third project, a swift 19-moment listen that is crunchy and energetic. The 6-music job starts sturdy and finishes truthfully, putting forth an exertion that may possibly not be groundbreaking but is astonishingly authentic.

Tall Travis originated at the College of Vermont’s people audio club in January 2021. One particular of its 6 members is Elliot Walsh ’24, a Cornell pupil who collaborates with the band from Ithaca all through the semester. In an interview with me, Walsh shared, “We begun carrying out [the project] with sort of the intention of executing a a bit extra people-punk thing. Previous information had leaned far more seriously on gentle indie folks tunes, and we wished to do some a lot quicker things.”

You could be wondering what the people-punk style is, or, like me, love folks and punk but hadn’t however heard of the two with each other. Walsh discussed that the style is “up-tempo high-strength music with traditional instrumentation. […] I feel like it conjures up a ton of honesty in songwriting.” The task is indie not in a pretentious way, but rather feels open, exciting and grounded. “It’s type of exciting to listen to a band or a track and be like, ‘yeah I could do this,’ but it however works,” mentioned Walsh.