December 4, 2023

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Lindsey Buckingham blames “disoriented” Stevie Nicks for the lack of new Fleetwood Mac tunes

Lindsey Buckingham blames Stevie Nicks for the absence of new audio from Fleetwood Mac, telling Typical Rock magazine that the fact that the legendary rock band haven’t introduced a studio album considering the fact that 2003‘s Say You Will “wasn’t for deficiency of seeking.”

Buckingham, who produced a self-titled solo album earlier this year, was fired from Fleetwood Mac in 2018, and claimed previously this 12 months that Nicks was the catalyst for that decision: speaking with the LA Situations, the guitarist explained that Nicks issued a ‘him or me’ ultimatum to the band, in a bid to assert extra manage more than the team, an accusation Nicks has denied.

Now, in a new job interview working in the new challenge of Common Rock magazine, on sale on December 7, Buckingham suggests that his former partner’s reticence to get associated in the creating and recording of new Fleetwood Mac substance is the motive there’s been no new album from the band in 18 many years.