September 23, 2023

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Meet the Artists: Marcie Heacox specializes in images, drawing in a variety of mediums | Community News Stories

As one particular of the a few board associates for the Havasu Artwork Path, Marcie Heacox, 35, shares her artistic expertise that ranges from drawings to images. Starting her journey as a younger kid, Heacox remembers generating drawings ever due to the fact she could grasp a crayon.

Increasing on her drawings as a teen, Heacox shot pictures for her significant school’s yearbook. Later, she spent additional than 10 many years doing the job as a photojournalist in the industry of horse racing. A female of numerous talents, Heacox also creates images with her black-and-white, infrared-transformed digicam given that earning her obtain final yr. In 2014 and 2016, respectively, Heacox taught herself metal embossing and acquired watercolor classes, both equally of which she nonetheless carries on with right now.