September 27, 2023

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Pharmacist shares adore for Milwaukee by way of pictures

MILWAUKEE — Nate Vomhof is a Milwaukee pharmacist. He explained he enjoys his career and encouraging the neighborhood.

What You Require To Know

  • Nate Vomhof is a Milwaukee pharmacist. But his greatest medicine does not arrive in capsule kind — it arrives when he trades in his white coat for a camera.
  • His enthusiasm began when he was in his final rotation of pharmacy school, which took place on the Navajo Reservation
  • Minor did Vomhof know, his passion would land him on the protect of a magazine
  • Now, he is showcasing Milwaukee’s skyline by means of drone photographs and photos

But his ideal medicine doesn’t come in tablet sort — it arrives when he trades in his white coat for a digicam. 

“I really like shooting cityscapes,” claimed Vomhof. “Cities are my muse, I guess.” 

His passion began when he was in his past rotation of pharmacy faculty, which took place on the Navajo Reservation. 

“I was getting photos on my Apple iphone,” claimed Vomhof. “I required some thing that captured greater good quality and getting a DSLR mirror-a lot less digicam is likely to shoot a superior quality than an Apple iphone, primarily back again then.”

A yr later, his passion would soar to new heights. Vomhof is now capturing the elegance of Milwaukee from up previously mentioned using a drone. 

“I generally glance for a very good sunset,” claimed Vomhof. “I try out to come across new perspectives that I haven’t seen ahead of.”

Little did Vomhof know, his interest would land him on the protect of a journal. It has also grown his Instagram subsequent to approximately 20,000.

“What I expect to get from it I truly never know,” claimed Vomhof. “I’m just obtaining enjoyable getting photographs.”

Through this adventure, Vomhof began advocating for Milwaukee no matter if it’s adding new buildings to the skyline or bringing in travellers. 

“Somebody stated if your town is not expanding it’s dying and it is sort of real,” mentioned Vomhof. 

It is effortless to see what comes out of Vomhof’s digital camera, a enjoy for Milwaukee. It’s something he would like all people to have.

“It’s fun to see folks sort of discover to have regard for their have town but you also get people today from the outdoors that are like wow I’ve never noticed Milwaukee like that,” stated Vomhof. “I never understood Milwaukee was that area.” 

When there is no options to hold up his white coat whenever soon to pursue his hobby whole time, he’ll keep on to assist his community. Both of those as a pharmacist and snapping shots for the earth to see how specific Milwaukee is. 

Here’s how to check out Vomhof’s perform. 

Instagram: @natevomhof
Facebook: Nate Vomhof Media
Web-site: Nate Vomhof Media Co.