July 16, 2024

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Questions in And Around CBG (Cannabis That Won’t Take You to the Clouds)

Questions in And Around CBG (Cannabis That Won’t Take You to the Clouds)

Like you, many people ask questions about CBG and other cannabinoids. And although the FDA hasn’t given the green light to any cannabis-derived ingredients, the demand for products like medical grade CBG has soared.

CBG is a cousin to CBD and CBC, all of which are non-psychoactive compounds that have made it to the big screens in recent years. Why? Medical professionals have developed a significant interest in using cannabis products for therapy.

What is Medical CBG?

Medical grade CBG could refer to any CBG-based products that seek to:

  • Treat eye issues like glaucoma
  • Hold efficacy in battling bacteria and microorganisms
  • Reduce levels of anxiety and depression
  • Relive and successfully manage abdominal and joint pain
  • Control weight loss

What is the Percentage of CBG?

Most plants have 1% of CBG, making it a rare ingredient. On the other hand, CBD is more present in plants, sitting at around 25%. That explains why CBG-based products have a pricier tag.

Is CBG Good for Your Health?

Studies show that CBG has therapeutic benefits, and it can treat multiple neurological issues like Parkinson’s and Huntington’s diseases. So, yes, it has health benefits. Also, it is non-psychoactive, so using it won’t get you high, and therefore, you won’t develop a cannabis-related addiction.

Will CBG Show on a Drug Test?

No, because drug tests usually look out for THC and not CBG. However, you should avoid taking large doses of full-spectrum CBG products.