September 21, 2023

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Revisiting the 7 weeks in 1991 that changed songs record without end

In rock history, 1991 is most often observed as The Yr Every little thing Improved. Anecdotally, grunge crashed down like a meteorite to annihilate the hair-steel dinosaurs that experienced dominated the rock landscape over the former ten years. But in fact there was no immediate annihilation occasion for LA glam (or thrash, or just about any other variety of well-known guitar tunes of the 80s). As an alternative, a procession of landmark releases from August to September 1991 helped transform alt.rock’s steadily growing snowball into an all-enveloping avalanche. 

“By the conclusion of the late eighties, the entire scene required a massive shake-up,” Kerrang! editor at the time Geoff Barton informed Basic Rock. “Something was needed to flip the tide in rock, but I really don’t think we expected the fallout.”