December 4, 2023

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Spotify down in UK with music lovers logged out and passwords not working

Spotify not working has caused a social media meltdown for music lovers unable to stream.

Twitter has become flooded with memes of fury and despair as users struggle to listen to their favourite playlists, podcasts and albums.

The popular app going down has become a top trending topic online with people tweeting their rage at not being able to plug in and check if others are suffering the same silence.

According to Twitter account Spotify Status, the streaming giant was back up and running by 7:45pm around an hour-and-a-half after the issue started trending on Tuesday.

Conspiracy theories being spread about the platform being hacked by Russians have left people wondering what Vladimir Putin would want with people’s playlists.

Spotify users are complaining about the app not working for them

Commenting on a Women’s Day post shared three hours earlier, Twitter users have hit out at Spotify with a range of fierce and funny complaints.

One person blasted: “Y’all were supposed to shut Russia’s service off not ours.”

“How dare you crash on international women’s day,” another said.

Spotify Status which provides updates about the platform’s current service said that they were looking into the problem at 6:22pm.

The official account which is separate to Spotify’s main profile, tweeted: “Something’s not quite right, and we’re looking into it. Thanks for your reports!”

Spotify told users it was looking into the issue soon after 6pm

Fuelling fears that Spotify has been targeted by hackers, one person commented on the tweet by Spotify Status saying: “Imagine. Spotfiy going down, and as millions of people try relogging in and putting their account passwords in.. they’re actually being stolen by the Russians.”

But another follower hit back asking: “What are the Russians gonna do with people’s playlists?!?”

A third joked: “Well they are gonna find peoples favourite songs and blast it on the battle field so we let our guard down and dance.”

Spotify stopped working on Tuesday evening

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“Music and podcasts are the only thing that gets me through my day till I get home so they’ll definitely be hitting me where it hurts,” someone else said.

A Microsoft engineer clocked that Spotify was not the only major platform to go down to some degree on Tuesday evening with Google and Facebook also impacted by something.

Nick Craver tweeted: “Anyone know what major net event is happening right now? I see Spotify, Discord, Wikipedia, Cloudflare, AWS, Google, and Facebook outages – that seems like a backbone issue rather than anyone’s data center…but not seeing why quite yet.”