June 5, 2023

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Teen Movie And TV Stars On-Set Crushes

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“Nothing has ever, ever, ever, ever happened romantically with us. We just love each other.”


During a 2019 appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before star, Lana Condor (Lara Jean Covey), revealed that while she “felt something” for her costar, Noah Centineo (Peter), before they started filming, they mutually decided not to act on their feelings in order to focus on the movie.

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Condor recalled that after they took a hot yoga class and ate pizza together, she said to him, “Noah, it’s not gonna happen between us.” She explained, “I felt, for the show to do well, we had to be best friend professionals.”

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Centineo agreed, and Condor said she was glad they stopped the burgeoning crush in its tracks because “the movie turned out great.” But Condor said that she and Centineo still “have the spark.”

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Ashley Greene had a crush on her Twilight costar and onscreen love interest, Jackson Rathbone. Greene, who played Alice Cullen, told E! News in 2016 that Rathbone is “such a little Southern gentleman” and “so artistically brilliant,” and that she had a “mad crush on him.”

And in 2022, Greene revisited the subject on her podcast The Twilight Effect. She said that she felt Rathbone “had to have known” about her crush, and that if that’s true, he “just wasn’t into me.”

But she added that it was a “harmless crush” and that she dated other people while working with him, rather than “chilling [and] hopelessly waiting for him!”

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On an episode of the same podcast, Kellan Lutz (Emmett Cullen) said that he “of course” had a crush on Ashley Greene when he first starting working with her, but that their friendship soon took precedence over any romantic interest.

Lutz said, “I remember, she quickly became, like, one of the guys. Beautiful, but also, like, just so easy to get along with my group of friends. And then they’d always try and date her or something like that.” Greene added, “I think we like pretty quickly moved to the friend space, for sure, which was great.” They agreed that remaining friends allowed them to more freely exchange honest advice and support.


Okay, here’s one more Twilight one: Bryce Dallas Howard, who played Victoria in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, told Entertainment Weekly that she had a bit of a thing for Robert Pattinson, so much so that when she watched the first Twilight movie with her husband, she squeezed her husband’s hand every time the actor, who she called a “total sweetheart,” appeared on screen.

Her crush was so strong that her brother-in-law made her merch in honor of it: Post-It notes customized with a picture of Robert Pattinson’s face and the words “Live Dangerously.” Howard said that she used them for years. And honestly, how could she not?


A Walk to Remember star, Shane West, told Vulture that he and his costar, Mandy Moore, “both had a little bit of a crush” on each other during filming. In the film, West plays Landon Carter, a high school senior who falls in love with Moore’s character, Jamie Sullivan. However, Jamie’s leukemia diagnosis tragically cuts their relationship short.

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West said that he and Moore were “just there for each other in the most honest and purest of ways.” He added, “That sounds incredibly corny but is true and rare.”

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In 2011, Emma Watson told Seventeen that she had a “huge crush” on her fellow Harry Potter alum, Tom Felton, while they were working on the first two films in the franchise.

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Watson said, “He totally knows. We talked about it — we still laugh about it. We are really good friends now, and that’s cool.”

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And according to Teen Vogue, during the reunion special Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts, Watson recalled that she “just fell in love” with Felton after seeing a drawing he did in one of their tutoring sessions: A girl on a skateboard that he drew in response to a prompt about what they thought God looked like. She called days that she got to shoot with Felton “extra exciting.”

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Watson clarified, “Nothing has ever, ever, ever, ever happened romantically with us. We just love each other. That’s all I can say about that.” For his part, Felton said in the special that he “became very protective” over Watson and that he’s “always had a soft spot for her.”

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Meanwhile, Emma Watson herself was the subject of another Harry Potter costar’s affections: Matthew Lewis. Lewis told Seventeen that he had a crush on Watson “for a couple of years,” until he was around 13 or 14 years old.

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Lewis said, “I mean nothing ever came of it, anyway. It never went anywhere.” He added that the environment on set, where the cast attended school as well as filmed their scenes, leant itself to near-constant crushing.

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He recalled, “We started tutoring on set and we were on set all the time, so I think that everyone had crushes on everyone else at some point. There was always Valentine’s Day — everyone would write secret Valentine’s cards to different people.” During the second film, there were apparently “love notes and love letters flying around” set.

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During a 2019 cast reunion hosted by ET, American Pie star, Jason Biggs, admitted that he had a crush on his costar, Alyson Hannigan, while they were making the movie.

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Hannigan apparently didn’t know about Biggs’ “little crush,” and responded by saying, “You did?!”

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Hilary Duff told Cosmopolitan that she “definitely had a crush” on Chad Michael Murray, her costar (and Prince Charming) in A Cinderella Story.

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Duff said, “We had a few kissing scenes in the movie and I remember feeling pretty nervous about that, but then we became friends and I wasn’t so nervous anymore.”

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Tyler Posey, the titular teen wolf of Teen Wolf, revealed in a lie detector interview for Fuse that he had a crush on two of his costars: Crystal Reed and Shelley Hennig.

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Posey had a crush on Reed (Allison Argent) during the beginning of the show, and Hennig (Malia Tate) towards the end of its run. He added, “But they both knew, it’s not a secret.”

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Jodi Lyn O’Keefe, aka Taylor Vaughan of She’s All That fame, told Cosmopolitan that she had a crush on Paul Walker, who played Dean Sampson, Jr., while making the movie.

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O’Keefe said, “I was like, ‘What is that beautiful human being?’ I think we all felt that way, like, we all walked onto the set and it was like, ‘Who is this Adonis?’ He was a doll baby, that’s what I called him. He was just one of the sweetest men I’d ever met.”

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O’Keefe recalled that Walker’s 2013 death “knocked the breath out of me,” and said that it “just felt so tragic and wrong, so early in his life.”

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In the Telegraph‘s oral history of the making of Clueless, Donald Faison, who played Murray, recalled that he had a “huge crush” on his costar and onscreen girlfriend, Stacey Dash.

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Faison recalled that during their first screen test, they “had to get used to each other,” which they ultimately did, despite the fact that Faison thought he “scared her off.” He said, “My eyes were so big and I was enamored by her. I remember telling my friends that I was going to be dating the girl from Mo’ Money and they were going crazy, asking if I was going to kiss her. I was like, ‘Yeah! You bet I’m gonna kiss her. I’m gonna give her a good kiss too!'”

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Despite Faison’s fears, Dash apparently had no idea about his feelings. She responded, “I didn’t know he liked me! That’s so funny. I didn’t know that but I loved him. It was great, because we had the best chemistry, it was there, it wasn’t acting.”

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And finally: Darren Criss told People that he, along with the rest of the Glee cast, had a crush on their costar, Heather Morris.

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Said Criss, “Everybody has a cool crush on Heather Morris. Everyone just wants to hang out with her and be her, basically — and by that I mean me.”

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