September 23, 2023

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Westcott FlexiGels make colouring your lights as straightforward as probable

Westcott has released a new established of FlexiGels for the Westcott DJ400 strobe. Curiously, however, they are not created of your regular gel materials. These are an 8-pack of reusable gels created from silicone rubber. They’re developed to in shape suitable in excess of the bulb of the FJ400 and colour the light with purple, orange, light orange (which they say is related to a CTO), yellow, eco-friendly, blue, purple or pink.

The excellent point about silicone rubber “gels” is that it should make swapping them out on a whim rather simple. It is a terrific insulator of warmth to stop you burning by yourself. And as it goes above the bulb, Westcott says it is suitable with umbrellas, softboxes and regardless of what other modifiers you want to use. But there may well be potential negatives. out?v=eatlp2V_oaA

The FlexiGels are patent-pending, and it does seem like a great idea, specifically created from silicone. Warmth proof for supporting to reduce burns from touching the bulb and also tear resistant, meaning they must last for a very good though. Getting silicone, they are also extremely versatile, letting for quick packing in little areas in your digital camera bag or when travelling with equipment. Guaranteed, they’re not as flat as sheets of precise gels, but these will even now pack down pretty small.

They arrive in a pack of 8, every single 1 a distinct colour, such as crimson, orange, gentle orange, yellow, environmentally friendly, blue, purple and pink. It should possibly be designed clear at this position that even though the orange is claimed to be “similar to CTO”, these are consequences gels, not corrective gels. You’re unlikely to be equipped to match tungsten or fluorescent lights with these. Also, remaining made from translucent silicone, they’ll most likely take in up a great deal a lot more gentle than regular gels. If you are just employing it as an influence on a fill or a history light or some thing, this may perhaps not be an challenge, but it is anything I’d be pretty intrigued in comparing side-by-side with in the same way colored sheet gels.


FlexiGels are all vented to match up with the vent holes in the FJ400’s flash tube letting for sizzling air to exhaust and delay overheating. Silicone rubber is an insulator, although (it is what’ll halt you acquiring your fingers burned, recall?), so any heat absorbed by the genuine glass won’t be as effortlessly ready to escape. Westcott does not point out everything about about heating and if/by how considerably it’s affected, but once more, it is a little something I’d be curious to see in comparison.

Notice: Even although, certainly, technically, silicone rubber is an insulator and would possibly reduce you from burning your fingers on it if you were being to swap the gel out when incredibly hot, Westcott does advise that you allow your DJ400 to cool for at the very least 5 minutes in advance of eradicating the gel.

I like the strategy, and there is no question that numerous DJ400 house owners will discover some good use in this. As it’s only readily available for this a single product of light from one particular model, while, I don’t think it’ll do a lot to encourage photographers now invested in different lights systems change to DJ400s. Nonetheless, for those people who have not nevertheless determined what procedure to purchase into for their first technique, maybe this could sway them into Westcott.

The Westcott FlexiGels for the DJ400 strobe are readily available to pre-order now for $79.90 for the set of 8 and commence transport soon.